Financial Crises

    Credit-financed markets are inherently unstable. Inevitably, the pattern of payment promises doesn't align with actual ability to pay. What happens then depends on institutions, regulations and management. Today, the credit system is global, and so also is the prospect of financial instability.

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    Where the SPD and Germany would stand today without Agenda 2010

    The SPD, the Social Democratic Party of Germany, has been collapsing in the popularity polls ever since they in 2003 launched the reform Agenda. What would have come of the party if it had not been for this insane rush to reform? Possibly Gerhard Schroeder could even still be chancellor today. A case for the time machine. Read more

    Confusion Is No Response to Economic Orthodoxy

    Servaas Storm has conviction, yet his analysis throws the baby out with the bathwater. Read more